Tug — Alburquerque, NM

Tug is doing very very well. He has grown so much in the past couple of months, He is currently in a bit of a growth spurt eating 8 cups a day. He was weighed last week at 95 lbs! We measured his shoulder at 26″ already! He is so beautiful. In the past couple of months he has been getting more and more brindle. We are absolutely in love with him. Tug is so smart too. He is extremely obedient and knows his commands very well. Recently he has really started to become a guard dog and protect his property.

Boy 2-7 tug2a tug6a
We are still debating on his registered name. It is not an easy task and we are kind of at a stand still about it.

Hera — Boston, MA

My puppy and I are doing great, her name is Hera, like the Greek Goddess. Her full name that we are in the process of registering her as is Hera Adelina Versace (weird but I like it!). Her nickname is “Monkey” somehow I started calling her that and she always wags her tail haha She is sooooo big, she is like 85+ pounds. She is so playful and is a great escape artist, she finds her way out of anything…even if she has to dig a hole and go under the fence or open a gate…she is literally so smart its ridiculous. She is full over energy she is always into something, and believe me when I tell you that haha Spoiled rotten she eats anything and everything. Currently she is laying on the ground next to me playing with a toy. She always sleeps with me but now she has gotten too big so we have to sleep in the guest bedroom where there are double beds and her and my other cane corse who is the same age share a bed and I sleep in the other. They both snore really loud, and they are like a married couple haha.They sleep through the whole night go to bed at 10 and wake up with me at like 7 am . One thing that scarred her though is the flight up here. I don’t think she enjoyed that very much because now she hates going for rides and just getting in the car in general. But, if she didn’t fly up here we wouldn’t have been able to have her so I am very thankful she went through that so she could be ours. This dog is amazing and she is so pretty, she finally grew into her dumbo ears! She has the prettiest gold color in her coat. Also, she is very protective she makes a good guard dog at the slightest noise she jumps up and looks around. She absolutely loves my little brother. Sometimes she can be skiddish around people but once she warms up to them she is all set. I want to thank you very much for her, no matter how much of a pain in my butt she can be I love her to pieces! She keeps me on my toes that is for sure.

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